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Light on the horizon...
Lukas, thank you for the icons, they are now in the repository. I've built the app with the new icons. I'm now converting the documentation to inDesign which cooks up better pdfs and html than MS Word. Well at any rate much lighter html than word did. I think it's worth it for smaller apps and prettier pdfs.

When this is done and I cook up new apps from scratch I will then

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First I'm very happy about the TAMS analyzer that I use for a project of content analysis. All the features are there, I'm sure, but I have problems to make it work as I want to. I'll explain:

I have worked through my text, put in metacodes and then coded all the units of meaning into separate codes. I'm now at next step: to categorize the codes into subcategories and categories and there I have problems. I would like to be able just to define that code x,y,z all belong to category alfa, and then choose alfa insted when I compare data. Now I can define a root-code but that makes no difference when I search or compare data; I have to recode to get it to function... I'm sure there are some easy way to do this that I haven't understood so please help me. code sets partly fullfill this need but not quite all...

Best regards,

Johan Hambraeus

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