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If there haven't been many entries, it's good news...
We're down to the small details of the interface:
  • Should get the code definition be separate: one for selecting text, one for clicking on lists...
  • Should I redo import or new pdf so that it opens a file witha  pdf attached
  • Should I add an other button onto the new project panel (I think so!)

But mostly it's down to issues with the icon; how reductionist is too reductionist? What if icons aren't visually distinct? I know I have my attachments, so it's hard working with our artist, but it's also informative, and wonderful (and painful) to see tams grow beyond my personal project.

Biggest headache? Working with subversion for the documentation. Maybe more on this next time. 

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Excited to see the PDF coding. I'd be interested to beta-test if you are still looking.

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